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"Yanxi Raiders" actress Ying Luo suitable for foreign trade it?

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Yu Zheng as a producer and editor of “Yan Xi Raiders” won an absolute focus on the arts, Watercress score has hit 7 points. This word-of-mouth and hot-selling drama, Yu Zheng believes that the plot is more like a replica of life and the workplace.

When I watch this drama, I feel that the female lord is simply the foreign trade person herself. The emperor is a customer, the queen is Top sales, is a variety of favorable factors, the Gao Chaise are all kinds of unfavorable situations such as exchange rate changes, tariff increases, and export risks.

Then how do you become a concubine from a common maid like a woman? Listen to me a few poison chicken soup:

1. Take the time to make yourself more professional

The chief position of the female lord is equivalent to the senior female worker in the garment factory. She was fined for one day and one night due to work errors. But the female lord is a good example after all, and she is observing the changes in the cloud throughout her time. Later, the clouds with layers were embroidered and she were appreciated by the boss. Because of her powerful embroidery skills, Zhang Momo later handed over the heavy responsibility of sewing the queen phoenix robes, also paved the way for the post of Changchun Palace.

The palace life is consistent with the foreign trade career. Many people have first encountered foreign trade and have deep misunderstandings about this industry. When I was in the job, I heard that I had to go to the factory to temper, the office was in the suburbs, the initial billing period was long, and so on. Immediately retreat or confuse, it will only be at the grassroots for a long time.

Raw materials, processes, costs, performance, production, specifications, packaging methods, price, usage, the possibility of end-use sites and secondary development requires a lot of time and effort to fully understand. English spoken, letter writing and other development can not be done overnight.

Only do not count the excessive commuting time, spend time familiar with the product, and polish your professional skills, so that you have sufficient hard power. The more professional you are, the stronger the irreplaceability, and the road to foreign trade can go wider.

Similarly, when your hard power is in place, you can make customers feel that you are professional enough and trust you more to complete each bill.

2. Dont blindly give customers the price

Because of Yingluo outstanding performance in the embroidery examination, she was embarrassed by the palace lady's Jinxiu and Linglong. At the time of bedtime, Jinxiu picked up the teapot and poured water on Wei's quilt. The aunt of the palace Jixiang persuaded her to be patient, and she turned and took a bucket of water back. Not only did she splash the water, but she also wet the other quilt. She forced Jinxiu to apologize on the spot and told everyone that she was not irritating. Wei’s said with the Jixiang thing of fear: “People are well-intentioned, and they should understand self-protection.”

Also in our negotiations with our customers, we must stick to the bottom line for customers who want to make a profit by pressing the price. From product development to finished product, how much profit margins, we all know in our hearts. Even if you don't cut the price for him, the order is always under. If you simply endure, the customer will not only not necessarily place an order, but also doubt the quality of the product.

3. Prepare PLAN B

Wei Yingluo was ordered to embroider the robes of the empress, in which the important raw material peacock feather line was stolen. The aunt of the palace lady blamed herself for crying because she was not careful, but Yingluo didn’t sit still, she immediately began to think of a solution and took the initiative. Because of the thought that Queen Empress always followed the frugal wind, she chose to use the deer tail fluff instead of the peacock feather line, and survived the crisis. In foreign trade, price, quality and delivery time are the three core issues. The most common uncontrollable factor is the delivery date.

The raw material supply is not timely, and the wrong material feeding and discharging causes the production to be mistaken; Production plans change frequently; The packaging is not in place; In the production process, the quality is not controlled, resulting in rework and delay; A small amount of goods cannot be produced separately, and the subsequent delivery of other orders will result in a delay in delivery.

Like the peacock silk thread being stolen, it is impossible to catch up with the delivery date and always need to solve it. It’s no good to blame and cry.

When the expected delivery time is delayed, you should inform the customer in time. Wait until the delivery date arrives, you send an email to tell the customer to delay delivery, can the customer not be annoyed? At the same time, you should reserve a part of the time and regularly check the factory production schedule. Because when you become a rigorous and reassuring person, customers or partners will be willing to believe you.

4. Think of work as a career

In “Yanxi Raiders”, the emperor's concubine gave birth to a fifth prince, is a highlight. In order to ensure that the emperor's concubine was born safely, The emperor’s concubine took her to Changchun Palace for labor. Unfortunately, Yugui people gave birth in advance, and the Queen Fucha just left the Forbidden City to accompany the Queen Mother Buddha. When Fucha Queen left, the instructions left to the ladies were: take good care of the Yu’s.

When the fifth emperor was born, he was greeted by the nobles who came to the news and wanted to live on the ground because of the influence of the “Golden Dragonfly” on the Qing Dynasty. She risked her life to obstruct himself, stealing the Queen's gold seal to stop the nobles, and supporting the emperor to save the field.

She said: The Queen Empress has commanded to look after Yu’s, so the mother and the child is the worry of the Queen, so it must be saved.

When we attend the exhibition, we often see many incomprehensible phenomena. Exhibitors blocked the booth, scorned customers, ate in the exhibition hall, gathered in the crowd, and not to closing time that rushing to get things off work. These are all participating in the exhibition in order to participate in the exhibition. There is no real way to show the company image and develop new customers.

Only truly regard this job as a career, cherish the opportunity of valuable participation and the high cost behind the exhibition, and make every effort to tap new customers and interview with old customers to maximize the value of the exhibition.

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