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Do you know the meaning of building blocks for children?

We also have the choice of building blocks based on the age of the baby.

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What are the benefits of building block toys for children?

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Building blocks toys is a very classic and practical toys. After years of continuous improvement and development, now the building blocks of toys on the market is the flowers in full bloom, flourish. In fact, babies of different ages can also choose the building blocks toys according to their own needs.

However, the property of building blocks toys is quite special. It is essentially belongs to the type of toy material, in other words, a single building block does not really work. It is a puzzle toy that needs to be assembled without blocks of different sizes and shapes.

Whether 70 or 80, is no stranger to the building blocks of all. With the continuous improvement of technology, building blocks toys developed now have a tremendous change both in material and play. In addition, the benefits and effectiveness of building blocks toys are also more and more, it is through the early education experts continue to study and found.

So what are the benefits of building blocks toys for children's growth?

1. Develop the right brain, play to create.

Children playing in the building blocks can play their own imagination and creativity, and then according to their own creative design and construction. This process is actually the development of your baby's right brain, because the right brain is what we humans are capable of creating. Therefore, building blocks have the puzzle of developing the right brain.

2. Hand-eye coordination, all-round development

Play building blocks is a manual, mental, the role of uniform process of eyesight, children are not playing aimlessly chaotic stretch. They are constantly thinking of the design, and then complete the work with both hands. This process is to train children's hand-eye coordination.

3. Exercise space three-dimensional thinking

Building blocks are part-to-part combination toys, when children playing blocks, can recognize the relationship between space and the part. Understand how the whole is transformed from the part, and understand how the part is separated from the whole. Therefore, the building blocks for the cultivation of children's space thinking useful.

In summary, building blocks toys for children's growth has a very significant meaning.

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