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How to play three juggling ball? Here are the tips for you.

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Three ball skills

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People often email me and ask me “How to learn play three balls?” “What kind of ball should I learn for three?” And “Why am I struggling?” This article is a comprehensive article that can solve many of your problems.

First of all - you should have the best props. No silver bullet juggling the ball, will make your model better. When I first started playing five balls, I use Ballstar juggling ball. Then I move on to professional four sides stretch juggling ball. Neither of these props made my model cleaner - it's something that only practice can do for you.

Learn the basics

1. Found 3 matches. If all the balls are the same size and weight then it will be easier when you're starting for the first time. Look for balls with lower elasticity because you may have them laid on the floor from the beginning. Baseball is a good practice ball.

2. Take two balls in your hand and a ball in the other hand. When you start, it's easier to hold two balls in your dominant hand. When you practice and become better, you will be able to use either hand.

3. Standing elbow bent 90 degrees, palms facing up. Look straight in front of you. You don’t look down your hand while you're juggling.

4. Gently place one of the matching balls in the air. You want to throw it so it's over your head. Set it aside a little so that as it begins to fall, it will move toward the other hand. This will make it easier to catch.

5. Immediately after throwing the other hand the ball into the air. Just after throwing the first ball, you want to use the other hand to gently throw the ball into the air. Try to throw with the same power as the first pitching. Throw it at an angle so that its trajectory ends in the other hand.

6. Throw the last ball you have in the air. Throw like throwing the first two balls and do it right after the second throw. After you throw the last ball, there should be a short moment, three balls are in the air.

7. Follow the order you threw to catch the ball. You catch the first ball you throw first, then the second ball you throw and then the last ball you throw. Each ball should end in the opposite hand. If your left hand has 2 goals at the beginning, then these 2 goals should be in your right hand.

Improve your juggling skills

1. Practice throwing back and forth between your hands. A 1-ball practice is a good way to accomplish the throwing action needed to throw 3 balls. Do some work while throwing the ball, so that it rises at an angle, resting on top of your head, and then moving down at an angle to your other hand. When the ball falls in your hand, put your hand into the air and throw the ball back into your other hand. Keep doing this until you can bounce back and forth between your hands without falling or looking down at your hands.

2.  Try juggling with 2 balls. Try to add a ball once you have a ball throwing action. Take a ball in each hand. Then, tilt one of the balls up an angle so it is overhead. When the ball reached the peak, with the same action throws a second ball. Grab the first ball you threw and then the second, so the two balls are in opposite hands and they start.

3. Try different juggling changes as you get better. Once you have mastered the changes of three balls, incorporate the changes into your daily life so that you can take your skills to a new level. Try something other than a juggling ball, such as a ring or a club. You can even add a fourth object, try to handle more than three things. If you have a juggling friend, you can practice passing items back and forth while standing next to each other.

A popular variation of 3-ball juggling you can try is the cascade. Instead of tossing all 3 balls in quick succession, toss 2 balls and wait until you catch 1 of them before you toss the third. Everytime a ball peaks above your head, toss a new ball. There should only ever be 2 balls in the air at once.

4. Juggling practice every day. Don’t be discouraged if you can not play 3 balls at once - it takes time to learn how to play! Continue to practice, eventually you will reach the desired effect. If you need to, start with 1 ball. Then 2 balls, 3 balls.

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