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Every country has its own way of festivals, the New Year heralds the arrival of the new year and also marks a new beginning. How have friends from all over the world spend their New Year?

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The custom of new year's day in the world

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Most countries in the world regard January 1 of each year as the start of the new year. Every year this time, people or family reunited at home, or they gathered in the square, singing and dancing all night, greet the New Year countdown sound.


In most countries and regions in China and in the world, the Gregorian calendar is adopted. January 1 is designated as the beginning of the New Year and is called “New Year's Day.” In our country, New Year's Day celebrates the beginning of the New Year, or a miniature version of the Spring Festival. During the New Year 's Day group organizations will have a New Year's party, people will be reunited with their families at home, each other with friends and relatives New Year greeting text messages.


New Year in India is known as “New Year crying” “Fasting New Year.” On the first day of the new year, they are not allowed to be angry with others, let alone angry. In some places, the New Year not only doesn’t celebrate, but tears hug each other. They think that at the very beginning of the new year, time goes by, life is short, and cries express their sighs. People in some areas greet the new year with fasting day and night, starting early in the New Year until midnight.


Spanish New Year's Eve, all family members get together to celebrate music and games. The bell started at midnight at 12 o'clock midnight, and everyone competed to eat grapes. If you can eat 12 by the bell, it symbolizes the New Year every month all the best. New Year's day, very sensitive to the kids curse, fighting and crying that these phenomena are ominous. At the same time, people must carry a piece of gold or copper coins on the day to show auspiciousness.

United Kingdom:

In Britain, the day before New Year, every household must have a bottle of wine, cabinet with meat. In addition, the United Kingdom is also popular New Year's “well water” custom, people think the first person to play as a happy man, brought the water is auspicious water. According to the British custom, after midnight on New Year's day, the first person to move toward the house indicates the luck of the new year. If the first guest is a dark-haired man, or a happy, happy and wealthy person, the owner takes good luck throughout the year. If the first guest is a pale yellow-haired woman or a sad, poor or unfortunate person, the owner will suffer bad luck in the new year and encounter difficulties and scourges.


Brazilians on this day, holding high the torch, flocking mountaineering. People are scrambling to find the birch fruit symbolizing happiness. Only the fearless people can find this rare fruit. They call it “blessing”. Brazil has a unique rural customs, that is, mutual interference, people meet each other in the New Year, we must hold each other hard to grab each other's ears, expressed blessings.


Italy's New Year's Day is a carnival night, when night falls, thousands of people flock to the streets, ignite firecrackers and fireworks, and even ring true ammunition. Men and women dance gracefully until midnight. Every family member tidies up the old things, throwing some smashed things in the house, throwing smashes, old pots and bottle jars aside, saying that the fate and annoyance are removed. This is the traditional way for them to say goodbye to old New Year.


The Germans have to celebrate the New Year with the comedy of women's seizure of power. Women in many places stormed into the city hall in droves, broke into the mayor's office and took the chair of the mayor's office, expressing the power to take over the mayor.


Before the arrival of the New Year, the French people must have all the rest of their house drank, leaving many people drunk. They think that in the New Year, if there is any remaining wine in the house, the new year will be followed by bad luck.

United States:

New Year's Eve in the United States, people are outside the campfire. Twelve o'clock at night, everyone throws the old things into the fire and burns them off, singing and dancing on the fire, carnival to dawn.

The New Year is one of the major festivals unanimously celebrated throughout the United States. But in the United States, the New Year is far less lively than Thanksgiving or Christmas. Americans have a New Year. The hottest day is New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve, all over the church held a grand worship. People gathered in churches, on the streets or in squares, sang poetry, prayer, blessing, penance, and greet the moment of the old update. People gathered in churches, on the streets or in squares, sang poetry, prayer, blessing, penance, and greet the moment of the old update. At 12 o'clock midnight, the church bells chimes all over the country. Bands play famous nostalgic song “all the way safe.” In the sound of music, excited people hug together, and even unknown people can kiss each other. In this way, people cherish the sentimental farewell and yearning for a new life together to usher in a new year.


New Year's Eve in Scotland on the eve of every household in front of some money will be placed, no guards, thieves and beggars in the evening, saw nothing. Because of local customs and customs, New Year's Eve, putting money aside, the New Year comes on the following day. When the door is opened early in the morning, money is seen at the door and its "fortune at first sight" is taken.


Singapore, New Year's Day early in the morning, happily take elders from the “luck money”. In the New Year, there is a lion dance club, dragon dance team performing along the street. Men and women dressed in costumes, bring gifts to visit relatives and friends. During the Chinese New Year, people love to eat sweet rice cakes made of fried glutinous rice and brown sugar.


The traditional Thai New Year, “Songkran Festival” (“Songkran”is Sanskrit transliteration), also known as “Songkran Festival”, is the annual calendar April 13 to 16. Festivals, people carrying or car carrying a huge statue of Buddha travel, statues followed by a vehicle floats, the car standing makeup of the “Goddess of the Song Dynasty.” Flocks of young men and women, dressed in colorful ethnic costumes, beat the drum, singing and dancing. On both sides of the road where the parade passes, good men and women take a walk and pour silver spice into the Buddha statue and “Goddess of the Songs” in a silver bowl filled with spices and water soaked in bay leaves to pray for good fortune and good weather. Then people sprinkled water and smiled and wished their elders health and longevity. Happy New Year for their relatives and friends, unmarried young men and women, with water to show the love between each other. On the first day of the New Year, Thai people are on the window sills. A cup of fresh water is put in the doorway. Every household should go to the rivers in the suburbs for the New Year's bathing. To celebrate the New Year, the Thai people hold a large-scale “Symposium”, which includes: people like tug of war, jumped like picks, like cross-body, elephant football match, the ancient Xiangzhen performances.

Every country has its own custom. But what I know is that every nation is festive for New Year's Day.

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