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Netherlands as a working-class paradise?

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Inventory the pressure of various countries in the workplace, Netherlands as a working-class paradise.

In the ever-expanding globalization, technological revolution and the deepening economic downturn in the background, in order to meet the needs of the times, the company and employees around the world are facing new risks and pressures. Working pressure has gradually become a global problem. Workers in various countries often need to be physically and mentally exhausted to bear the increasingly heavy workload.

This is why the pressure ball will become the exclusive cause of white-collar workers. The pressure of white-collar workers is very large, so need to continue to vent, but the general way is obviously not good, but the pressure ball at this time became a favorite white-collar workers a way. Stress ball has a variety of specifications and a variety of options, methods and effects are also completely different, the biggest role is to help white-collar workers to vent. By striking way to help white-collar workers to vent feelings, so after it listed, immediately we received strong attention and welcome. With the traditional way is essentially different, it can be said that such a way more suitable for white-collar workers to choose. In the choice process, it can indeed play a good effect, with the basic protection, continue to spread in the invisible, then get a better spread of the actual effect, and everyone's acceptance of this vent more and more higher.

In recent years, a large number of stress balls imported from China by many countries have also been related to workplace pressure. Now let us talk about the pressure on the workplace in five countries in Europe and Asia.


Britain's “Daily Telegraph” reported that getting up early in the morning to see the sun out the window, they can leave the boss to go to work, paid vacation five weeks a year, which for rush workers every day, like a paradise like life. However, the “working people” in the Netherlands can really enjoy it.

The Netherlands has the most enviable vacation system in the world. Full-time employees can enjoy at least 24 working days per year of paid vacation, holidays and even some companies up to 28 days. Many company owners are willing to pay their employees leave, they hope that through the leave, employees can maintain a full working condition.

United Kingdom

The British “Daily Mail” reported that fled the office for many British staff is a very challenging task. A recent survey shows that many British people often dreamed of heavy workloads, workplace conflicts, and bosses because of the heavy work pressure.

The survey shows that one third of people feel work-related dreams when they feel stressed at work. A quarter of people claim that if they clash with a colleague on the same day, they will dream about the colleague at night. Twenty percent said they would do more under heavy pressure.

Davina MacKail, a dream specialist, said: “This survey shows that conflicts with colleagues and work stress do affect us whether we sleep or not. Work accounts for a large part of people's daily lives, and for most people we spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else, so we reflect in dreams problems we encounter during the day and pressure is not surprising.”


AFP reported that the European Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released a set of data, more than 40 million workers suffer from job stress in European Union member states, which is equivalent to 22% of the EU's total employment. The disease caused by the pressure of work has become the second-largest medical and health problem that plagues the EU.

Among the more than 40 million EU workers who are under pressure for overwork, the number of people in a single country in Italy exceeds 4 million. Among them, staff engaged in traditional occupations, such as medical staff, teachers and policemen, are under the heaviest pressure of work. At the same time, there is also a lot of pressure on temporary workers and older workers who are too young to adapt to technological innovations. The causes of job stress vary widely, but the most important ones are the increase of work intensity, the acceleration of working pace, the improper handling of the relationship between work and life and the concern about the stability of work.


The Associated Press reported that the Japanese work pressure is widely known. The Japanese are generally overworked and under intense psychological pressure, which has also triggered many social problems. An important reason for the Japanese pressure is that the Japanese see diligence as their traditional virtue. And the Japanese generally think it troublesome to trouble others, so in the face of pressure, many people don’t vent or talk, and choose to silently bear. Pressure isn’t sustained release, but more piled up.

Japanese experts pointed out that the Japanese are more rigid and poorly prepared to work. Many people strictly follow their orders and spend a long time working in unison, but sometimes the actual significance of their work isn’t great. This is not only physically and mentally exhausted, but also make people feel depressed.


Korea's Korea Daily reported that companies that plan to hold year-end parties to boost team building and encourage employees to work harder in the coming year may need to reconsider the decision. The latest opinion poll conducted by Job Korea on 1035 office workers in South Korea's employment portal shows that more and more employees are tired of the year-end party.

According to the survey, 69.9% of the respondents said they hated year-end parties and hoped to end the year hard work by other means. 21.5% of the employees surveyed said they do not like to participate in the company's Christmas party during the year, but have no choice because the pressure from the boss is large. Only 8.6% of staff said they are looking forward to the year-end party gathering. When asked about their most disagreeable gathering, 60.9% said the most tedious corporate meeting of the company was the most annoying and could not really be a real relaxation.

Do you feel pressured by your work? Now most of the pressure on the larger companies, will set such stress ball, because the effect is very good, if the staff feel their pressure, then you can vent to vent through these, it is completely vent their dissatisfaction and feelings. So after the vent is done, we can do a better job, so companies pay more attention to such an effect. If a company also wants to be more productive with its staff, the equipment for venting must be done. Because all employees will have emotions, this is an inevitable thing. If you can’t get a better venting effect, then directly affect the efficiency of work. But if the stress ball is released by venting, the effect is completely different, so stress ball is now exclusive to the white-collar. 

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