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Ren Zhengfei's speech: Not recognized by Western countries because we are not good enough

Huawei used to never see the media, so Huawei’s public relations started relatively late. It is only for the first time in 2010 that the five-year plan is to create a harmonious business environment and support Huawei's opportunities for fair participation and development in the world. Huawei defines public relations as four categories: proof of identity, policy to market, network security and privacy protection, and trade facilitation.

After eight years, Huawei began to develop a strategic development program for public relations. On September 29, 2018, Ren Zhengfei made a speech entitled “The Key to Solving the Problem of the World from the Crystallization of Human Civilization” at the briefing session on the strategic development outline of public relations. The content of this speech has to be amazing and convincing. It traverses things, spans the past and the present, has a broad vision, and has deep thoughts. It completely exceeds our ordinary people's perception of human history. I also examine the differences between East and West civilizations with an extremely broad mind and find a methodology that applies to them.

Meng Wanzhou’s bail hearing finally got results today. In the afternoon, she issued the first WeChat after her release: I am in Vancouver, I have returned to my family. I am proud of Huawei, I am proud of my country! Thank you to everyone who cares about me. Meng Wanzhou.

Huawei also issued the official statement as follows: “Our CFO Ms. Meng Wanzhou recently in Canada after being temporarily detained by the authorities on behalf of the US government, today the court verdict, agreed to bail. We believe that the follow-up of the Canadian and American legal systems will give a fair conclusion. As we have always emphasized, Huawei complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which it operates, including export control and sanctions laws and regulations applicable to the United Nations, the United States and the European Union. We expect the US and Canadian governments to end this event in a timely and fair manner.”

These are actually part of public relations. However, from Ren Zhengfei’s speech, we have added a confidence to Huawei’s future.

From the crystallization of human civilization, find the key to solving the world problem

First, we must solve the problems encountered in the West. First, we must fully understand the values of the West and stand on their side to understand them.

The main outline of public relations is to solve the problem of communication with the West. It is easy for Asian and African developing countries to accept our views. Japan and South Korea are also better, and Europe and the United States are difficult. If we are different from Western values, how can we get into the West? Then they will think that we are attacking. They will definitely build the wall thicker and taller, and our difficulties will grow bigger and bigger. Seeking truth from facts, the civilization they have formed for thousands of years is not the transformation of our small company.

In these years, we have adopted the Chinese way of thinking to understand the world's pattern and to speculate on the West's intentions. To have a full understanding of the world, we must understand the West in the concept of the West. The TV film "The Rise of the Great Powers" tells some truth. We study the reasons for the prosperity of all countries and must stand in the West to explain the rise and fall of civilization.

A few hundred years ago, the British transported many art and rhododendrons from all over the world back to the country. From our perspective, this is a plunder. But if they stand on the British side, they don't think so. They did not hesitate to cross the ocean, braving the life and death, and transporting some artworks and even the entire temple to the United Kingdom by wooden boat, to preserve it. For example, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe was discovered by David Livingstone, who dedicated it to the Queen of England and stayed there for decades, preventing people from developing damage. Imagine that it was a wild era of a hundred years ago, and how much pain you have to endure, at least without the happiness of marriage; Dedicating the precious gems to the Queen, if they understand their behavior from different angles, there is no common language, and it is impossible to find a solution to the problem indirectly.

In China's reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping dug a piece of land, and the low tax system allowed foreign capital to come in. Finally, foreigners believed and then flooded in. Looking at the progress of Chinese society now, who would believe that three or four decades ago, we were still hungry and the economy was almost collapsed? The country is also digging a land today, reducing the burden on the industry, and the land is fertile. It may be the foundation for the revitalization of the United States in the past century. If the next president does not change the current tax policy, but is everywhere to communicate friendly, shake hands with everyone, put the past to attract investment, coupled with the application of artificial intelligence, how could it not rise? Our public relations work should now no longer need to emphasize proof of identity, and almost all of it can be proved. Now is to solve the problem of the business environment, that is, to fully understand Western values. Make clear the part of Huawei's values that are consistent with the West, and form a consensus to a certain extent. Of course, we also have our own values, and we don’t fully accept Western political values. In terms of market economy, technology, and employment, what can't be touched, we can't touch it. We insist on our own self-confidence, and we don't have to show people.

Second, learn philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, international legal order and power distribution theory ...., from which to find the key to solving world problems.

In the outline of public relations, philosophy, history, sociology, and psychology need to be put in. The crystallization of these human civilizations will bring us the key to solving world problems.

In the era of Socrates and Plato that appeared in the West more than 2,000 years ago, China also had the path of Kong and Meng, but China did not have Plato. Everyone has assumed that what happens if there is a “Platonic” China? Why? Confucius and Mencius advocates “cultivating self-cultivation, ruling the country and leveling the world”, all of which converge inward; Western philosophy advocates opening up to the outside world for two thousand years, and the West has dominated the world.

In the five thousand years of convergence of Chinese civilization, the country has not split. Is it because of the Confucian culture of Confucius and Mencius? China's west and south are high mountains, the north is desert, and the east is the sea, thus forming a small closed environment. Such a geographical environment may have a great relationship with the formation of ideas. You think about it, Pythagoras principle, Euclidean geometry is a principle, meaning research and exploration of the Pythagorean theorem, their research is why, towards the source of the problem Road; Our nine chapters of arithmetic are also studying the Pythagorean theorem. It is the study of how to use it, how to solve the problem, is to develop into the kernel, is the problem of surgery. We downwards, west direction, then it becomes a valuable watershed, we found no calculus, no calculus has no foundation industry. So Western industry is more developed than us.

More than a thousand years ago, Europe was still in the darkness of the Middle Ages. GDP grew by less than one year each year, and the economy doubled in the first millennium. The Tang and Song civilizations of China more than a thousand years ago have been very developed, and the Qingming River map was not created out of thin air. Then why did China decline afterwards Europe rose? How does Shakespeare make such a big effect on the European Renaissance? I didn't understand it before. I saw Byron’s “Don Juan”, how did this drama touch the emancipation of Europe? I don't understand, I ask others, others say that Tang Yan is a rogue, but it has opened up the religious imprisonment; There is also Michelangelo's sculpture, and I don't understand. How is this the Renaissance? In fact, people are essentially naked, thick clothes to wear is feudal and religious. The Renaissance is to restore the original face, which is to emancipate the mind. Shakespeare's plays, Michelangelo's sculptures... opened the Renaissance and opened up Europe's strong road.

More than three hundred years ago, Peter the Great sent a mission to Western Europe to learn advanced technology. His own name, Corporal Peter Mikhailov, accompanied the group to go to the woodwork. Ship repair and shipbuilding, set up factories after returning to China, develop scientific research, and reform the military. During the administration of Ekaterina II, a large number of Western philosophies, art, and paintings were introduced. Russian painting is realistic, and realism and industrialization are related. Chinese painting is freehand, and freehand brushwork may be related to today's artificial intelligence and virtual games. But the problem is that it did not make China strong three hundred years ago.

More than a hundred years ago, the “sea power theory” proposed by Mahan of the United States promoted the complete transformation of the US Navy and made the United States the most powerful maritime country in the world. Since we started from Hanwu Emperor, we have been levying the West for a bloody BMW. The passage of the bloody BMW is dependent on the mare. One by one, not by the stallion, so there is no strong horse team for two thousand years. We ignore the ocean. Of course, in order to keep the frontier for more than two thousand years, how many people have been sacrificed by our ancestors. At that time, going to Xinjiang, the consequence was that eternal life could never see your wife and children again. Even if you were visiting the pro-family, you would not be able to come back. How likely are the soldiers to walk through the desert? And it may not be able to died with their boots on. We have seen the hardships and greatness of our predecessors, and we have also seen our short-sightedness and shortcomings. When we are not facing the ocean, globalization is a few hundred years late. We only value the ocean when we are in the modern age.

The history of civilization development can help us find the key to solving world problems. We look at yesterday from today, it is easy to find the trajectory, and the parties are confused, I don’t understand. Such as the reproduction and spread of race. It is said that Homo sapiens originated in Africa and moved out of Africa a million years ago, moving to Eurasia across oceanic continents. Someone must be a canoe across the ocean, think about how big the waves are, how many people are buried in the sea! There may be no arrival for 10,000 canoes. I used to ride over one hundred and seventy thousand tons of cruises over the equator, storms hit, I can only have been lying on the bed, a myriad of thoughts, full of hazy infinite reverence for ancestors

Therefore, you must strengthen the study of philosophy, history, and sociology. You don't have to look at the original and you don't have to grasp the key points. It's better to watch videos like documentaries, lectures, etc. Although it does not represent the original, scholars tell you about his own understanding. If you look at a few scholars, you will understand. You can also take a look at Western representative programs, speeches, debates, etc, insight into the latest developments in the West, the main points of thinking, and the changes in social psychology. Furthermore, the direction, opinions, and citations and data of the Chinese and Western entertainment reports may be different for the same event. Only by learning Western articles frequently can we understand this difference, narrow the distance between East and West, and communicate the information well to handle the problem.

Public relations can also recruit some doctoral and master's degrees in political science, sociology, psychology, and history studying in the West, just like the financial system. They are put into hardships such as Africa to temper. After two or three years, the cycle began. After ten years, the long-term iteration of the team was basically solved.

Third, the breakthrough in basic research is being deepened in structure. We have not yet been recognized by the industry because we have not done well enough.

Huawei's development over the past 30 years has benefited not only from the open reform environment in China, but also from the global industrial environment. Before the 1990s, the global electronics industry was centered on Japan. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese electronic products were popular all over the world, but they used analog circuits. At that time, the production of operational amplifiers was difficult, the yield was low, and the cost was high. The rise of digital technology in the United States in the 1990s opened a new round of electronics industry revolution, and the global electronics industry began to take off. China’s open reforms have just caught up with this era, but Russia is not carrying out the electronics industry revolution. It was a political revolution. After missing this industry cycle, it was marginalized. Our little sparrow just came out of the nest, step by step, just stepping on the drums every step of the way, until today we just came to the starting line.

It is because of our poor origin (private enterprises) that we make our efforts harder and we will be more promising. We are not recognized by individual Western countries, don't complain, because we are not doing well enough. Some people say that “the dividends of basic research in the past 100 years have basically been exhausted, and now it is stock competition.” I don't agree. In this era, it is shifting from pipeline to platform; the platform is gradually clouded; private clouds and small public clouds are gradually becoming a global cloud. The cloud begins to gradually become intelligent, to the intelligence of all things, how many theoretical breakthroughs are needed in the middle! Basic research breakthroughs brought dividends are not consumed, but is in a structural deepen into. Even if the stock is rebuilt, it is not the method of the Luban master. The Amazon model is too subversive to the world, and their ability to gather in technology is very strong. In the case of NASA's reforms, Musk fired a rocket with such a heavy thrust on a heavy-duty rocket. These are not what we can match. Therefore, we must be tolerant of scientists who explore innovation.

Stock reform is always the most important opportunity, but only if it breaks through, there is the possibility of transforming the stock. Why are China's high-speed rail and ships doing well? The so-called core technologies are in the hands of others. But we continue to build, and foreign countries can't make it, because our core technology is overall integration, and the overall integration itself is also a core capability. There is a fundamental difference between the high-speed rail and the general iron. The speed of the ordinary iron is slow, and the track base is built on the land, and is leveled by the road slag; The track base of the high-speed rail is built on the rock, and the pile is tens of meters long, and it is not allowed to fluctuate. The development model of high-speed rail industry is to take the road of cooperation and win-win. Any technology is mastered by only one country, and this era is gone forever. Building a large ship, mainly relying on welders. How many people on Wall Street are willing to take off their suits to be welders? Steel plate welders and fitters are the basic strength of Chinese shipbuilding. Now is our town beauty on the plane, the town man to be a welder, we have enough men, after training we have the integration power of the big ship, this is also the core ability! Each has its own strengths and complements each other.

We have re-imagined, in fact, we have followed the tactics for so many years. Recently, I spoke with R&D, that is, I want to stand up and develop, and take the lead in strategic opportunities. Our understanding of customer needs cannot be narrow, don't think that customers are saying what they are demanding. In fact, customer demand is a kind of logic and philosophy, which is the continuous activation and growth of human nature, which is the inevitable trend of human civilization development. The real problem facing customers is customer demand, and future-oriented technological innovation is also customer demand, just a little longer.

In the past, the talent structure of the company was a “pyramid” and it should be “inverted triangle” in the future, we determine the intelligent and automated job. The triangle below is getting smaller. We will vacate this mouth and recruit more doctors and masters from the world frontier, and higher-end scientists and experts will enter our company. Why do we award the father of Polar code? It is to let the world see that Huawei is very respectful to scientists and willing to cooperate with us.

The United States does not agree with us, we will do 5G better and strive for more Western customers.

Fourth, the values and the outline of the future public relations are cooperation and win-win, and we must establish an open ideological framework.

You are an umbrella, you may have conflicts with the business department, each talks, sings and doubles, they do their “spears”, there is nothing wrong with it, there is no need to keep pace. Cooperation and win-win is the company's big idea. The realization process is difficult. It is necessary to allow the department to disobey and slowly turn around. This is Huawei.

First, public relations should clearly explain Huawei's values. The big hat must be a win-win cooperation. It is necessary to build a world-wide balance and win-win cooperation in a high-rise way. Without this program, it is easy to be understood as subverting the world, and the world will reject us. Leaders can only care for themselves; leaders must consider others. We have wanted to lead the industry for so many years, but we still can't be leaders. Then we must achieve strategic leadership, altruism and win-win cooperation, and the value appeal of the West is consistent, public relations must emphasize peaceful coexistence.

Public relations must establish a model that leads the world, create a leader's environment, and technology and market outlets can take different values. Public relations is taking the road of cooperation and mutual benefit and leadership attitude; Technology and market are leading, taking the road of competition. It may be different roads, slowly coordinated, public relations is more help, not more accusations. If you are on the same path, positive feedback can easily lead the company to extremes. Public relations should be negative feedback to the company and must constrain some extreme behaviors of the company. When the company is left, you should be right; when the company is right, you will be left. This will avoid deviations. Public relations should be the messenger of Huawei's values.

One of our important tasks now is how to start from the local culture of the host country and tell Huawei's stories and local contributions in local languages. When Japanese companies entered Germany, many cherry trees were planted in cities such as Bonn and Düsseldorf. They have been welcomed and have become famous local attractions for decades. Second, public relations used to be mainly a shield for the outside world. In the future, it will not only be an external shield, but also a catalyst for the transformation of internal thoughts. It should be open to both internal and external.

Second, public relations used to be mainly a shield for the outside world. In the future, it will not only be an external shield, but also a catalyst for the transformation of internal thoughts. It should be open to both internal and external. Learn to fight Tai Chi, a little Shaolin Temple, don't be aggressive, you can be self-black, you can't boast. I have seen "The Home in the Distance", a gentle and gentle Taiji dance of the master, and the sand under the feet is trapped in a pair of shallow pits, showing the great internal strength. Huawei employees must practice more internal strengths, and the strength of internal strength is truly powerful. It is up to internal efforts to resist external pressure. Public relations and the community of voices promote everyone to wash, and the cultivation of ideas is not completed in one day. Now that the society has over-exaggerated Huawei, it is harmful. Don't let our young people think that the company is really successful and it is paralyzed.

At present, we still lack a deep understanding and understanding of the Western world (power structure, culture and conflict, values, social psychology, etc.). Under the reality that the West has a strong voice and the status of mainstream values in the world, we can only understand Western values from the standpoint of the West. Dialogue based on Western thinking can only be effectively communicated, and it is possible to find a solution to the problem.

Companies cannot underestimate the dynamics of the global power landscape and cannot be blindly confident, just like the Boxers more than 100 years ago. It is necessary to turn the pressure of the external environment into a driving force for our business innovation and management improvement. Drawing on the history of the world and China, only by constantly emancipating the mind, being open-minded, and self-changing can we continue to be strong. The company is moving towards closure. There is no way out for convergence. Although the external environment is gradually deteriorating, there is a lot of room for digitization, intelligence and cloudization in the future world. As long as we are technologically innovative and realistic, we will do our utmost to achieve cutting-edge results, organizations are dynamic, employees are motivated, and the company has the foundation and capabilities for survival and development. This is full of confidence.

Fifth, public relations should go from one department to a state.

First, the Ministry of Public and Government Affairs is going to set up a field, not a breakthrough. The “field” inside and outside the company is changing, and the grasp of public relations is to solve the problem of the field.

In the past, public relations mainly faced the government and the media, and now they can build a “field” and everyone can contribute. As long as there is an electric field for power generation, magnetization is a magnetic field, and there is a light field for illumination. For example, the lectures at the university are very good. The videos of basic research and basic education are scrolled before the lectures. Many students will download and spread because this is positive energy. The values conveyed by the lectures will also have some impact, and the country will sooner or later be led by these highly educated people.

In the past few years, carrier customers have been an important anchor for our business environment. With the development of terminals and enterprise services, many suppliers, partners, and enterprise customers can become new anchors. For example, we cooperate with Leica, cooperation with European automakers, and cooperation with some big companies in Japan and South Korea. The business department has done a lot of work with strategic value. Public relations should actively follow up and build new anchors with new friends. With more anchors, the ship is naturally stable.

Public relations must follow the path of carrying, and the boundaries of work responsibilities should not be too clear. It is not that you increase your budget and prepare to do this, but all members must participate. The top leaders of the company have to do public relations. Regional President, Representative... All leaders are actually public relations managers. I used to tell the terminal that advertising can take public relations. There is still a bit of culture in this advertisement. Of course, public relations can also be used to promote the terminal. In addition, private propaganda channels (such as employee personal accounts) can be diverged. In addition, private propaganda channels (such as employee personal accounts) can be diverged. Yu Chengdong Weibo has tens of millions of fans, fans also set a fan, give you a post, you can start fermentation in the folk. All of us are public relations, and everyone's every move, in fact, represents the company's image.

Second, we also want to see the various fields that the company has created in the process of change. The café in the back of the village is very good, you can go and experience it.

Some people asked why Huawei can achieve the overall consistency of the upper and lower, in fact, the legislative power is greater than the administrative power. When we were discussing, we were allowed to speak, including opposition. Once we made a decision, you will be laid off without execution. For example, Latin America has already concluded the pilot contract at the representative office, and now the “test chief” is in full swing. To allow, like Hyde Square, anyone can spend half an hour on academic reports in the canteen corridor and talk about his views and his contributions. Maybe not a viewer, but also promoted his inner strength. Public relations can also be like this. For half an hour, everyone can show their style. When you are evaluating, you will communicate with you along this point to evaluate your value. Instead of taking a standard sieve to evaluate, the advantages are completely filtered out, and the shortcomings are fully loaded.

Public relations can also play a role in the various groups in the event of historical events, representing different roles and debating. For example, in the Middle East crisis, some people played NATO to play Iran, Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel... various interest groups. Speculation makes people progress, and the more intense the debate, the more they have to search for information. It is also a profound study. They can also act as spokespersons and perform live dramas.

Third, the basic principles and boundaries of public relations should be clear. For example, “We cannot intervene in ethnic conflicts without intervening in class conflicts, not involving religious issues, not involving geopolitics, and not choosing to stand by...”. Overseas borders may not only be in China at times, but we cannot sacrifice national interests to exchange business interests. We also need to perceive some pulse and not to challenge the institutional confidence of other countries.

The above is the mail issued by Mr. Ren Zhengfei.

It’s easy for me to set up a company, but it’s hard to hold a company. Huawei is so powerful today that it is enough to see the importance of leadership values. To understand the West with Chinese thinking is blind self-confidence. As a foreign trade company, we agree with this sentence. In the process of trading, when the customer denies us, the first time is to think if we have a problem, and whether this is correct. Instead of throwing the problem to the customer. Understanding customers and following customer needs is a very important part of trade.

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