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How to make baby laugh?

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The baby who like luaghing is smater, the scientific way to make baby laugh

Study said love laughter baby smarter, so the benefits of laughter in the end is what?

A few years ago, experts from Washington University in the United States disclosed a research report: Laughing babies are smarter when they grow up. This is the conclusion they reached after systematically studying the relationship between age and wisdom. They found that brighter children laugh external things age earlier than normal children, the number is also more laughter.

From the baby's development process, the general grow up to three months or so appear laugh reaction. As long as you wake up, you will be happy to laugh when you see the faces or novelty pictures and toys familiar to your family. In addition, when he eat to get enough sleep, good spirits, although no external stimuli, will automatically send out a smile. The former kind of laugh is called “naive happy effect”, the latter is called “no one laughs self”.

Studies have shown that the effect of naivety is the first step in a baby's interaction with others. In the mental aspect is a leap of brain development is a benign stimulus, known as the ray of light of wisdom. As no one laughs, it is a psychological response to the baby's physical needs, both of which are good for the development of the brain. It is not hard to understand, parents and baby contact, and with the joy of expression, language and toys to stimulate their innocent happy effect. At the same time focus on feeding, prompting them to laugh early, laugh more, but the early development of intelligence a coup, it is worth the attention of young parents.

Laughter is the baby's health protection

Sincere laugh beneficial to the body, can stimulate the respiratory system and blood circulation, relieve joint pain, prevent colds and many other diseases. Can also relieve tension, high resistance to hormone levels, enhance immune system function. The real happiness can nourish the baby's heart, let him around the complex world has enough resilience. Experts say happy babies all share the same characteristics, such as optimism, self-control, and confidence.

How to make baby happy laugh?

1. Pretended to eat their fingers

Most babies will love their parents pretending to gently bite their fingers, feet and neck. This loving biting action can effectively promote parent-child relationship. Even two-year-olds still enjoy eating their fingers.

2. Naive and exaggerated action facial expressions, the more exaggerated the better.

Babies like other people's attention, if you make faces at him, no matter how silly grimace, he will not resist. This is why many parents try hard to learn how to make faces after their baby is born. Sometimes even a sneeze could have amused the baby laugh.

3. Blowing the lips

Baby is very fond of touching. Gently blow your baby's hands, feet and belly, which is the best way for your baby to open their mouths and laugh. Soon, you may find out how loud your lips blow in, as the baby may begin to learn how to blow your lips.

4. Hide and seek

This is a classic game. Take your baby's favorite quilt, or hide behind the furniture, and then the probe out, and then hide themselves, repeat, in this way you can see a lot of baby smile.

5. Favorite doll

Colorful dolls can definitely attract the baby's attention, if it can sound, then the baby will easily laugh.

plushhedgehogtoybaby stick

6. Blowing soap bubbles

Babies are interested in magical soap bubbles, and many babies see bubbles and even crawl it and want to grab it. And parents don’t increase pressure because of blowing soap bubbles, both economical and baby like it.

7. Pets

We can often see the baby play with the pet on the TV will be very happy, but we must pay attention to health and safety issues.

8. Imitating animal sounds

Babies will be very interested in animals. If parents can imitate animal sounds, they will all concentrate on you, and curiosity may make them involuntarily laugh.

9. Into other family members

Babies may sometimes feel bored looking at the same person all day long. If he sees a little older than him or a dad who has worked outside for a day, you may see a baby's smile.

10. Songs and music

Babies love songs and music, and they will like music more if it becomes a part of their life. Babies love to watch, hear and do one thing, and if you can laugh at the rhythm of the music and have fun with him, he will soon be able to mimic this behavior.

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