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How to juggle soccer ball

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Do you know how to play football juggling? Maybe you will ask, can football be juggling too? As we all know, juggling can exercise will and enhance intelligence. Here are some tips for you.

Don't be a player who thinks “juggling is a waste of time.” Juggling will help you improve every aspect of the game. Every player should play it often. This article will introduce some of the benefits of juggling, teach you how to play juggling, and provide tips that will make you an expert.

3 juggling benefits

1. Improve ball control

I know players who seem to stick the ball to their feet. They will almost never lose control of the ball, and solving them without fouling is almost impossible.

I asked these players “What is your juggling record?” They report hundreds or thousands of digits. This is not a coincidence - juggling improves the ball control.

I understand this on a personal level. One summer, I decided to focus on juggling. I started 1000 discontinuous juggling daily and tried to reach 5,000 times. My ball control ability has been greatly improved. It is more improved than the juggling control exercises.

2. Help you catch the ball

Juggling will improve your first contact. When you receive the ball, you will keep the ball closer - whether the ball is on the ground or in the air. If you don't have a partner to pass, juggling is the best way to improve your first contact.

3. Improve the comfort of the ball

When I concentrate on juggling, I feel more comfortable to dribble, pass, shoot and catch the ball. Other players I spoke to him also reported the same thing. This is a concept that is hard to explain; you must experience it firsthand to understand it. Increasing the ball's comfort can increase your game and confidence. This makes juggling worth the time and effort.

How to start juggle?

Throw the ball into the air, let it bounce once, kick it up and grab it. Alternate feet. Habits alternate with every juggling foot. Equally developing your feet will greatly increase your skills in this area. Once you have mastered it, repeat this process but try to get two balls before catching the ball. Repeat this process until you can make 10 deformations (5 per foot) before the ball touches the ground. It may take several days of practice to enter the juggling. Keep at it.

Now you can learn how to throw the ball without hands. Start with the ball in front of you. Pull the ball back and use the same foot to pop it out. Use your feet to get the ball into the air.

After the popup starts playing the ball. This requires practice to be correct, but soon you will master it. Now you can play the ball without hand or with the ball bouncing. This is everything you need to know to start practicing skills.

9 Soccer Juggling Tips

1. Move past frustrations

Juggling can be frustrating. You will “fail” over and over again. Every great juggler will advance at these frustrating moments. If you start to get angry, remember that this “juggling skill takes a long time to develop, but if you persist, you will achieve your goals.” I never believed that I would achieve 1000+ juggling. This seems impossible. But I continued to walk through all the frustrating failures and reached my goal. If you continue to try, you will become a great juggler. Continue to invest time and effort.

2. You will have a breakthrough

It looks like you don't seem to make any progress. On some days you may even think that you are getting worse. Don’t worry. If you persevere, you will get a breakthrough. You may try to fight for 50 juggling for months and then suddenly over 100 juggling. Believe me, if you go ahead, you will make a breakthrough.

3. Kick the ball high

Switch things when you are good at juggling. Try kicked the ball high in the air, and then return to normal juggling (don’t let the ball hit the ground). You can also try “touch juggling.” Almost every juggling person rarely touches the ball. Before touching your feet, the ball should stay in the air for a short time.

4. Use different parts of your foot

Juggling should not be limited to your feet. Try to expand these contacts with the outside and inside of the football. This requires practice, but it will soon become second nature. I can handle the ball with the ball inside the foot, almost as good as my foot.

5. Use your thigh and head

Using the thigh to play the ball is easy. When setting up recordings, players shouldn’t use the thigh as “juggling.” Say so much, try your thigh occasionally. Use your head too. Use a weak header to control the ball. You don't use the title to control the ball in the game, but twisting your head will increase your head ability.

6. Use backspin to improve

Create a spin behind the hitting ball. Backspin makes juggling easier. It helps you to enter the rhythm.

7. Stop Counting Continuous Juggling

If you want to quickly improve your juggling skills, pls forget the juggling records which you broke. Instead, set a target for a total number of non-continuous juggling. Promise yourself that you will not stop juggling, until you reach that number. Even if you have a rest day, this goal will give you momentum. Tracing continuous juggling is a good choice. You will not feel frustrated, because every juggler is your goal. You won't be angry when you have only juggling or messing up before you reach your previous record.

8. Juggle with friend

Juggling with friends (or multiple friends) is fun and great for developing juggling. When I play alone with my friends, I think I will improve more. It is difficult to control the ball, so you increase the speed.

There are many ways to play with friends. Try to select a maximum number before you start juggling. If one of you exceeds or falls below this number, you must stop and start over. When you kick the ball to your friend, try shouting a number. For example, if you say “5,” your friend must touch the ball five times before kicking it to you. Try to limit the juggling only the title. Try to play high air balls each time you play a friend.

Did you get the above tips and methods? I think first of all to buy a football before juggling. The juggling on the feet is not only inflatable football, but also hacky sacks.

soccer hacky sackInflatableball1

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