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How to Juggle Scarfs?

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If you can successfully use your dominant hand and weak hand in two different scarves at different times, then these are the 4 scarf juggling vaudeville skills you need to merge to become a success. For open mode, the scarf doesn’t cross to the other hand. A good idea is to use two one-color scarves and two scarves of another color to ensure that the scarf will not pass through. These rules apply to any even number of hope players.

So how do I get started?

First learn one-hand pattern of two scarves. In particular, spend more time practicing.

2 turn and reverse the scarf: Practicing throwing two scarves counterclockwise, and practice throwing clockwise.

2 scarf column: Throw a scarf, move your hand over, throw the next scarf, then return your hand to catch and throw the first scarf, then grab and throw the second scarf. Each scarf is up and down like a straight line, just like an elevator / lift!

Now you're ready four scarves - that's why you first came to this page. Pick up two scarves on each hand. Fountain initially required each pitch in the middle of the body and start throwing to the outside of the body. Once you have mastered this, you can try the following changes:

Simultaneous throwing: While using an inward spoon to throw a scarf from each hand so that the scarf wraps around. As they peak, throw the next two up. Then just keep going.

Not synchronized trigger: This is harder than syncing because you need more energy. You still have two scarves in each hand, but you roll it from each hand at different times. This pattern is much faster.

Clockwise / anti-clockwise: Throw the scarf so that each one of them is in the same direction. Then two scarves counterclockwise.

Put it together: Fountain (sync or staggered) where both hands go Anti-clockwise. Fountain (sync or staggered) where both hands go Clockwise. Fountain (sync or staggered) where one hand goes Anti-clockwise and the other hand goes Clockwise (then switch direction on both hands).

Scarfs juggling  Scarfs juggling

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