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Fortune Global Forum held in Guangzhou

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2017 Guangzhou Fortune Global Forum opened on December 6 in Guangzhou, a beautiful flower city. There were 388 participating enterprises, including 152 of the world's top 500 enterprises and 72 of the leading enterprises in the industry. More than 1,000 representatives from all walks of life both at home and abroad attended this forum, participating in the world's top 500 enterprises and the number of CEOs have exceeded the most in the calendar year.

Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council attended the forum and gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Ericsson Group President and CEO Bao Yikang, Cisco CEO Roger Zhuo, Wal-Mart Chairman of the Board Greg Penn, Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma, Tencent Holdings Limited Chairman of the Board of the Company and Chief Executive Officer Martin Ma and other top 500 executives from the world attended the forum.

The theme of this Fortune Global Forum is opening up and innovation - building a new global economy. A number of heavyweight business leaders made keynote speeches on the first day of the forum. Among them, Jack Ma, as the first speaker after the opening ceremony, discussed the future of business, entrepreneurship and sustainable development with the theme of “new frontier.” In the afternoon, Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive officer of Tencent, revolved around “innovation and ecosystem”;Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, focused on “driving the future”; U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Bramstad surrounds “the United States, China and the world.”. Alex Gorski, chairman and chief executive officer of Johnson & Johnson, Wolfgang Ohlmann, CEO of HSBC Holding Group, and Yang Yuanqing, president and chief executive officer of Lenovo Group, addressed the plenary session respectively.

The 19th Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China held shortly ago formulated a plan of action and a blueprint for the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. We will adhere to the people-centered development concept, thoroughly implement the concept of new development and build a modern economic system; we will deepen the reform in an all-round manner, vigorously stimulate the creativity of the whole society and continuously release the vitality of development. To develop a higher level of open economy, further promote the construction of “the Belt and Road” and promote the formation of a new pattern of full liberalization. Looking to the future, China will have even more momentum for development, more sense of the people and more interaction with the world. It will create more opportunities for global development and make greater contributions.

The Chinese economy has a bright future with long-term good prospects. We have a foundation, a qualified and motivated economy to achieve steady progress and continued improvement. China's opening door will not be closed, it will only more and more open, the operating environment will be more open than before transparent and standardized. China will continue to develop its global partnership, expand its meeting point with other countries, promote the liberalization of trade and investment, and promote economic globalization in a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win situation.

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