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I believe that you have never heard this truth

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Beanbag, do you played it? I believe that you have never heard this truth.

Bean bags is one of the classic children's collective games in China. But after entering the 21st century, with the increase in economic development and entertainment. The game of throwing sandbags has faded out of the children’s sight, replaced by many modern toys. At present, there may be only a few rural children who still retain this type of game.

Sandbags sewed with rags and needles and stuffed with fine sand or rice are used as weapons to “kill” each other. A pitcher hits the opponent with a sandbag before and after the specified venue, the rest of the people in the middle to hide to hide. If the hitter is eliminated, he will be sent off. If caught by the other party, the person can increase “one life”. Or let a comrade who has already been eliminated re-play.

Throwing sandbags, you've never heard the truth

The reason why this kind of game is passed down from generation to generation is undoubtedly greatly relieves children's anxiety about death fear. Because it also involves the rebirth. Fear implies a threat for the future and may be unknowable things occur. Fear is often directed dies, or is hurt and so on. “Pitcher” is like a gunman in front of him, but I don't know which target he chose and when to fire. “Sandbag” the symbol of the bullets fired at the target. Once it is hit, it is “dead.” The fear of death from the moment before being hit was provoked. Children's fear of death is not yet mature except for the psychological development of children. It also has a certain relationship with the attachment relationship between children and their parents before the age of 2 years. The earliest experience of death as an individual's life may be traced back to the moment when sperm and egg are combined. After the formation of the individual life, an attachment relationship with the mother is established. At this time, the quality of the mother's uterus is critical to the fetus. For example, a piece of soil can determine the growth of a seed. Therefore, prenatal education has become a popular course. Birth for the baby is a major experience of fear of death and separation-related. The baby is in the stage of attachment to the mother after birth, but still feels symbiotic with the mother in the heart of the baby. We often say that even the best mothers have bad times, which means that the supporters at this time cannot make care for the small baby without trauma. So the theme of trauma around attachment, separation, death, loneliness, and existence is thus formed.

It can be found that in the course of the game, in order to avoid “not dead”, each child's behavior is different: A child of a young age may be “killed” if he is standing in the middle of the field and is at a loss; Some closed their eyes and stood in the same place “waiting to die”; The older children shouted and ran from the head to the other, regardless of the pitcher’s goal. The most brave is to stand in the same place and observe the goal of the pitcher. Then, like a baseball player hitting a baseball, he accurately catches the sandbags according to the route thrown by the sandbags (This condition is common in older children or children who have experienced multiple experiences). From this it is evident from the coping pattern of children in the face of fear. This mode may continue into adulthood.

So the advantage of doing this game often is to cultivate the courage and courage of the child to face fear. Experience the joy of joy and collaboration in the brave burden of being able to save a partner. For those who are particularly timid and introverted, it can be said to be a separation and connection training.

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