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Can lose everything, you can not lose the ideal

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Jack said that allowing Alibaba to persist for 18 years is Ali's idealism what worries him most is that employees see everything they have right now and lose their ideal. If an organization loses its ideals, thinking about it every day is making money, then turning it into a profitable machine.

Jack said that in the world there will always be more money than Ali. But the world needs everyone to know very clearly what they want, what they want and what they want to do. So Alibaba can lose everything, but can not lose idealism.

Jack also warned employees, Ali's staff can be proud, but not arrogant. Ma said he is the most sad to hear someone outside, Ali people arrogant and become omnipotent. He isn’t afraid of others saying Ali is everywhere, because it is not because there is profit, but that there is room. There can be better, Ali in the past, is to do catfish, so that the industry better. Ma also stressed that the future of technology investment did not forget to laugh at BAT of the other two said: “BAT in the cloud is the most people don’t know technology, but most people misunderstand the most love, and is really love.”

The following is Jack Ma speech:

Talking about staff

We would like to thank this era, thank the Internet, thank China, and thank all our colleagues, including those who have worked at Alibaba for half an hour or so.

The biggest change in 18 years is that we have transformed from 18 individuals to 54,421 employees from 70 different countries and we have our own offices in 21 countries. Our greatest accomplishment in 18 years is to have everyone from 18 to over 54,000 people. Our greatest asset is also because of you, and our greatest asset is the fact that we have 54,000 employees.

Last year, I flew 870 hours in the air. However, last year, the Alisians flew a total of 680,000 hours in the air, equivalent to 77 years in the air. Thank you all for your contribution.

On the Alibaba economy

Alibaba today is no longer an ordinary company, is already an economy. A New Economy Previous economies were geographically defined: Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and California economies, but today the new economy is born on the Internet. We hope that through this new economy and the infrastructure it builds, young people and SMEs around the world can make global purchases, global sales, global payments and global shipping. We hope that more developing countries, small and medium-sized enterprises and young people can share the joy of free trade and globalization, try the happiness of entrepreneurial innovation and enjoy the benefits of technological progress.

Today, in terms of size, it is already the 21st largest economy in the world. In 19 years, we hope to build the 5th largest economy in the world. The fifth largest economy, not because of its size, but its responsibility, is even more responsible. We hope to solve 100 million job opportunities for the whole world. We hope to serve 2 billion consumers. We also hope that we can create a profitable platform for 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises.

The value created by this economy is to enable the world to become more inclusive and shared, to make the world economy more sustainable, healthier and happier. There is a difference between an economy and an ordinary company. The company mainly considers its own interests, while the economy is responsible for society. It is not a difference in scale, not a difference in profit, but a difference in responsibility.

Talking about idealism, responsibility and family feeling.

What we saw 18 years ago is an opportunity. After 18 years, what we have seen is a huge challenge that has always worried me about the problems of the environment, poverty, disease, and injustice.

Alibaba today has more than 50,000 employees, 25,000 engineers and scientists. We have strong technical capabilities, huge technical resources, customers and some influence. We have to think about what we should do in the face of future problems. Because we have something we havn’t, it's not just wealth, it's more responsibility.

Alibaba insisted that 18 years because we have idealism, adhere to idealism so that Alibaba came today. What worries me most is that our employees forgot the idealism when they saw it all. If a person doesn’t have the ideal, this person will live very boring. And organizations made up of people lose their ideals. A company loses its ideals and is just a money making machine. There will always be companies in this world that make more money than us, but this world requires everyone to know very clearly what they want. What they want and what they want to do. So Alibaba can lose everything, but can not lose idealism.

18 years ago, our ideal was to be a Chinese company that respected the world. In the future, we must have "home country feelings" and "world responsibility." We must consider our own home, think about each other's home, consider this society, consider this country, consider the world's responsibility, and Ali will win respect.

In the next five to 10 years, we are not going to surpass anyone, nor are we going to be the first three in the world, but to solve the problems for the future, to go forward for SMEs, young people, and for the promise of letting the world make it hard to do business put it into action.

Talk about Ali business direction

Alibaba will fully devote its efforts to globalization in the future and actively promote globalization. We must look at the problems from a global perspective. We must integrate the resources of all parties and solve the problems of society and the future of the world with global capabilities. Globalization is overwhelming. We should not impede globalization. Alibaba has a responsibility to improve globalization.

We will also go all out to invest in rural development at all costs. Technology should not be the drive to widen the gap between rich and poor, technology is a complete, thorough, and inclusive thing that must be shared by all human beings. Therefore, we must join China's poverty alleviation today. We must participate in the global poverty alleviation. I believe if Alibaba can solve the problem of poverty, I believe Alibaba will not be proud of our profits or our income. It is not our size, but our responsibility and great blessing.

We will further increase investment in technology and technological innovation. In the BAT, Jack doesn’t know the technology, most people misunderstand but the most love, and is really love. Ali proud of today, 25,000 engineers and scientists to join Ali, thank you for Alibaba created numerous miracles of technology, you want to create a miracle for the world in the future. The investment in technology is not only a matter of capital, but our promise. The development of technology is not only the bottom line of "doing no evil" but the contribution to the society and the world. It is the mission of our technology.

Talking about happy work, serious life

We always customers first, there is no customer support and trust, there will be no Alibaba. The world's most precious is the trust of customers, trust is the most expensive, but also the most vulnerable products, only to trust these, Ali will go further and go better. Concerned about SMEs, caring for young people, caring for women is the real concern for the future and our own future.

I hope our staff will remember that today Alibaba is big, but we are really a kid compared to the future. We are proud, but we can not be arrogant. We can not be self-righteous, leave the platform, leave our partners, leave the trust we have and we are nothing.

My most sad thing is to hear Ali people outside the arrogance now, Ali people are now arrogant, Ali people think they can do anything. We must understand that we must also have a humble heart. Alibaba to be a great business, our employees must be humble. Alibaba wants to be a company that takes the future of the world to solve problems. Our employees are responsible for themselves, families, teams, communities.

Serious life, happy work, keep ideal. The difference we make from others is that we should take our life more seriously than anyone else. Life is only once, it is not rehearsed, so you do not take it seriously and life will not really treat you.

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