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Summary of the "Black friday" in 2018: A day that is not crazy for American shoppers

If there is such a day, those obvious consumerism make us a little annoyed, but we are totally in love with these consumptions. That must be Black Friday. 

Friday after Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday shopping season, but things are changing. First of all, Thanksgiving is no longer sacred and inviolable. When the turkey hasn't finished eating, people go out or go online to start shopping early. Moreover, more and more people are shopping on mobile phones instead of queuing at dawn after eating a big meal. In fact, if you follow our advice from friends at Wirecutter (a New York Times product review site), you will stay at home and shop in pajamas.

Shoppers don't have to worry about time this year: Thanksgiving and Christmas are separated for a long time - if you don't count the holidays, it's 32 days (only 26 days next year). This means that those with procrastination can have more time to put aside their purchase plans, and retailers have more opportunities to attract you to buy.

Go to the mall - but not go shopping

At the Fashion Island Mall in Orange County, California, before 11 am, people can see a long queue of about 15 people, including parents and grandparents. Laura Natale, who lives nearby, took her 3-year-old son, Christopher, to see Santa Claus. When asked if there are more people today than usual Friday, she said, “No.”

Near Newport Beach, an outdoor mall full of palm trees and Christmas trees, those shopping people would have thought it should be more lively, they said they remember the shopping peak after Thanksgiving last year. “It’s much darker than I thought,” said Michelle Gorczyza, who also lives in the area. However, she did encounter a long team at Anthropologie (a US mid- to high-end casual home product), so she didn't go to the store to buy it, but went online to buy it because online shopping was easier.

Her husband, Danny, said that people come to the mall more for food and experience than shopping. “You won't see people running around with 10 bags,” he said. “They are happy to spend $50 for lunch and then immerse themselves in this atmosphere.”

This is what 28-year-old Mitch Williams did on this sunny morning, sitting under a palm tree. “My grandfather came from Ohio, so we have to drink coffee and omelets.”

Does he have to shop at the mall? He shook his head and said, “I am shopping online.”

Black Friday competitor

Black Friday is a "festival" that was not considered a holiday by American retailers until a few decades ago. And this day has a very important position in the year and is even considered to be the most important commercialist celebration of the year.

Retailers usually start marketing a few months in advance. Groups of shoppers go shopping online. Google even included it as a statutory holiday in its calendar.

But there are also many competitors on Black Friday.

Shopping day everywhere. May 12th is the World Fair Trade Day. “Small Business Saturday” is Saturday after Thanksgiving. The following Monday is “Cyber Monday”, and December 14 is a free shipping day - just a few days ago, online shopping was an almost unusual operation.

These festivals and events are free and available to all retailers. Many companies claim to have their own festivals. For example, November 11 is Alibaba's Singles Day. In this year's Singles Day, Alibaba's sales exceeded $30 billion. In July, during the Golden Day event at Amazon, customers purchased more than 100 million items.

There is also the OverStocktober Festival, the name of the festival that used to promote the promotion before it was renamed “Customer Day” on October 15 this year. eBay announced that the second Monday of December is Green Monday. In April of this year, WayFair ushered in what it called “a better deal than Black Friday.” Macy's held a “Black Friday in July” promotion this summer.

Michael Brown, A.T.Kearney's retail business partner, said: “If we have seen anything from the retail industry in the past 20 or 30 years, that is the enthusiasm of consumers to be stimulated to shop,” Michael Brown, A-T. Kearney's retail business partner, said. “They need to be motivated.”

Not just in the United States. In the UK, Boxing Day after Christmas has evolved into a sacred shopping ritual. In Australia, people usually shop online in large quantities in February.

For those people out of that stupid consumerism is it? They also have their own day to be a “stupid consumerist”. “Don't buy!” The website appeals to consumers to “away from the store” and points out that “anarchy that occurred on Black Friday has now become a ridiculous dystopian phenomenon.”

A good start for retailers

Retailers and analysts said that Black Friday's start in 2018 was strong, and all indications were that it would end with strong sales. Adobe Analytics reports as of 8pm. In the eastern region, consumers have spent about $4.1 billion on Black Friday, a 23% increase over the same period last year.

Although the cold weather in the eastern United States may have some shoppers at home, Mastercard SpendingPulse said that overall, “online sales seem to be filling the weather-related shortcomings in physical store sales.” Analysts say the growth in the apparel, electronics and interior industries is particularly strong. The photos and videos posted on Twitter on Friday morning support this optimistic forecast, at least to some extent. Photos and videos show that hordes of shoppers gather at Kohl’s in Mansfield, Mass., and Mall Of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Frank Layo, managing director of Accenture's Kurt Salmon, said: “The store is busy, but the traffic is good. There are a lot of people waiting in line, but the inventory is still very good.” The company is part of Accenture and its company Kurt Salmon is part of the company. “Retailers earlier this year began promotional activities to spread the holiday shopping traffic flow, ease the chaos, which is good for themselves.” Their efforts seem to have paid off.”

Occasional small situation

Earlier in the day, J.Crew wrote on Twitter that its website “has encountered some technical problems.” Soon after, the site seemed to be working well.

About three hours later, Lloyd's home page showed a message saying it was undergoing maintenance. But this place was quickly fixed.

However, analysts monitoring “Black Friday” said that online sales have been driven to some extent by the cold and humid weather in parts of the United States. They say that this may prompt some shoppers to choose not to go to the store, but to use their computer or smartphone for online shopping.

Black Friday goes to the world

There is no Thanksgiving holiday in Europe, but this doesn’t stop the enthusiasm of consumers to go shopping in local stores. On Friday, French retail brands Darty, Fnac and Monoprix joined Apple, Sephora and Uniqlo in an effort to attract low-end consumers.

In the UK, there was a promotion in the past after Christmas, and now the store has added a new black Friday to the promotion calendar. Quotes for sales activities have now lasted for a week. Amazon also started selling on November 16. Most other stores have joined the battle, and some hypermarkets offer discounts on everything from vintage turntables to hams.

Even the Canadians also jump on the bandwagon

This “festival” - in the French-speaking Montreal area, they call it “Vendredi Fou” - reportedly has become Canada's busiest shopping day of the year, more than Boxing Day (or December 26), after the traditional sales day after Christmas usually attracts a large number of consumers.

On Black Friday, Montreal's stores are crowded with people, especially in an underground maze-like shopping centre like the Eaton Centre, crowded with people who want to escape the cold. At the Eaton Centre shopping centre, sportswear, women's shoes and men's wear are all over 50% discounted. Outside an electronics store, people set up velvet ropes to control the line.

It is said that Black Friday was passed to Canada in the early 21st century, when the US dollar and the Canadian dollar were roughly equal. And now one dollar can be exchanged for 1.32 Canadian dollars, which means that the discount is even stronger.

Chinese version of Black Friday

In November, China celebrated its invented shopping festival. The economic rise of this country has made hundreds of millions of people an eager consumer. Moreover, they are buying goods online with great enthusiasm, thanks in part to the low wages of the transport labor force, making shipping fast and cheap.

Alibaba, China's e-commerce giant, said that on November 11th, the annual “Singles Day”, the total value of goods sold by Alibaba reached $30.8 billion. In the first 85 seconds of this crazy shopping day, the company achieved $1 billion in sales. Then it took only an hour to reach $10 billion. All in all, the company said that the company received more than 1 billion delivery notes on the same day.

According to Adobe Analytics, last year in the United States, online shopping from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday totaled about $1.96 billion.

In addition to sending coupons and offers to mobile phone users several weeks in advance, Alibaba has adopted a more subtle approach to increase sales of Double 11. This year, users of the company's Taobao shopping app can see their consumption on November 11th, as well as the consumption of others in their area.

In Black Thursday (also known as Thanksgiving) Shopping

For many shoppers, Black Friday actually started in the middle of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Even the second cold Thanksgiving in this New York history is the coldest Thanksgiving since 1901. The revelers will still go to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and shoppers are still waiting in line for Black Friday promotions (or at least spending money to ask people to do this).

Walmart is the first to compete with the Thanksgiving dinner, host a party in the store and offer free food. The company called this a way to “attract customers.” Wal-Mart expects to distribute 4 million cups of Keurig coffee and 2 million Christmas-themed cookies for free from 4 pm. The in-store Black Friday event is discounted from 6 pm, but this is not the first time customers have experienced this benefit: As early as November 8, the chain has already begun to pre-sell Black Friday specials.

Target is open at 5 pm Thanksgiving Day (the same is true for Cole Department Store). When Tajit announced the “Black Friday” plan, he persuaded customers to “go to the store after dinner.”

Shopping from the dining table

Online shoppers are also very busy on Thanksgiving. According to a report from Adobe Analytics, Adobe Analytics tracked 80 of the 100 largest online retailers in the US—consumers paid $3.7 billion on Thursday, an increase of about 28% from last year. Moreover, many online shoppers didn’t go to their desks or even pick up their laptops. Adobe said that this is the first time that Thanksgiving smartphone sales reached $1 billion. Consumers spend more on mobile phones, and the average order value is 8% higher than last year's Thanksgiving.

Shopping on Gram

Social media plays a more important role in people's holiday shopping habits than ever before. According to Accenture, 15% of shoppers will use social media for some shopping in 2018, up from 8% last year. As more and more retail sales take place on the web – nearly half of sales come from mobile devices – social media may be a way for brands to compete.

This may help retailers offset some of the large discounts that some consumers expect on Black Friday.

Jill Standish, global retail director at Accenture, said: “If you can grab people's attention at an inspiring moment, they won't care so much about the price, maybe they won't shop for it.”

Standish will compare social media sales to Amazon's one-click subscription (according to a survey, 70% of respondents spend more on this).

Another advantage is that Standish said that online, if a small brand knows how to show itself and know how to attract the right influential people to promote their products, “small brands can easily become bigger.” Strong social media can make a company immediately reputable.

When the bargain become a tradition

Tulin Erdem, a marketing professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, said there are three reasons why Black Friday is so popular, two of which are deals.

She said: “The economic savings, I feel good about myself and find myself a good deal, I feel that I am a smart consumer. All of this is a key reason to add together.” In addition, because many stores have discounts on Black Friday, you can more easily find discounted items without having to search as hard as you would at other times. However, Eldon said that another reason Black Friday is still popular is tradition. She said: “Because of this ritual, this festival is very attractive. It is like an American family going to watch an important baseball game or Super Bowl.” 

According to a survey of 7,516 consumers on this year's shopping plan by the National Retail Federation, 26% of consumers who plan to shop on Black Friday say this is because of tradition. Another 23% said they would go shopping because it was just a thing to do. (As far as we know, no one is asked if they are shopping just to stay away from their families.)

Of course Black Friday is just the beginning. If retailers don't start discounting before Thanksgiving (most retailers seem to do this) they are definitely using the holiday shopping season to sell merchandise in every round of promotions. Craig Johnson, president of retail growth firm Customer Growth Partners, said the biggest discounts often appear on “Super Saturday” - the last Saturday before Christmas.

But Black Friday is really important. Consumers surveyed by the retail federation said they plan to buy more on Black Friday than on any day of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Johnson said that “Black Friday” retains cultural treasures, especially for “new Americans” because new immigrants are more likely to participate. This is how you become a US consumer, appearing and shopping on Black Friday.”


Next, look at the inventory of world consumption during the five black

United States

According to statistics from retail analyst firm AdobeAnalytics, online sales of the US Black Five reached US$6.22 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23.6%, a record high. In 2017, consumer black five online shopping spending was $5.03 billion. This year, China’s double 11 network transactions amounted to 253.97 billion yuan, and the sales of US Black Five were only one-fifth of China’s double 11.

Retail analysts and consulting firms say that on Black Friday and Thanksgiving this year, the most discounted and best-selling items include televisions, laptops, toys and game consoles.

Commercial marketing company Criteo said that 40% of online shopping on Black Friday this year was conducted on mobile phones, up from 29% last year.


According to the newspaper, the president of the Russian e-commerce company, Artem Sakorov, said that during the past Black Friday shopping festival, the Russian domestic transaction amounted to 17.4 billion rubles (about 259 million US dollars), and said that the data is 2.5 times that of 2017. Sakorov explained that the buyers are mostly concerned about household appliances and electronic products, clothing and footwear, and auto parts. The merchants did not have discounts on speculation, and they really benefited consumers. The increase in the number of consumers and retailers is two reasons for the sharp increase in sales this year.

In terms of online shopping, smartphones, mobile phone accessories and clothing have become the most demanding commodities, and the consumers are usually young people in the metropolis.


According to CashRewards (Australia's largest discount information and cash rebate website), Australian consumers' online spending will reach 10 in four days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (November 23 to November 26). Billions of dollars, doubled from 2017.

According to Black Friday Global, the average online purchase price per consumer will reach $263.

All indications are that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming more popular in Australia. During Black Friday on November 23, Australian local e-commerce Catch set a sales record of $5 million, surpassing the company's previous $3 million single-day sales record. In addition, the Australian e-commerce giant JB Hi-Fi website crashed on the day of the Black Five because of the inability to withstand the influx of visitors.

In 2018, Amazon Australia station held its first Black Friday sales event. It is worth noting that sales of entertainment and video game products showed significant growth during the Black Five. Rocco Braeuniger, regional manager for Amazon Australia, said, “On the first day of the Black Friday promotion, Australian consumers snapped up a variety of discounted products, and video games and consoles were the best sellers of all promotional products.”

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