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New ways to play social e-commerce, ten years of ups and downs Single Day

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First, the basic overview of the double eleven

The Double Eleven has left the first man-made festival “Single Day” and has become a more influential “carnival shopping festival”.

“Single Day” has gone through ten years. This is the product of e-commerce “making festivals”, but it already has the characteristics of festivals. Not only has a fixed date, it has a customary form, and it has distinctive Chinese characteristics. It attracts the participation of all people and is an important economic and social activity field for consumers.

Double eleven, originated from the online promotion activities held by Taobao on November 11, 2009. There are two main purposes for this day:

1. In order to deepen the memory of consumers, choose to do online promotion on the “Single Day”.

2. In order to further stimulate the sales volume, the demand for consumers to update clothing and daily necessities is also rising at the time of the fall and winter. Use “topic” in the seasonal shopping node marketing to stimulate sales, Taobao is also something to look forward.

Ten years before the online shopping habits of the traditional retail industry, the “golden topic” promotion festival between the two major “golden topics” promotion festivals was also risky, but no matter how Double 11 still born.

In the past ten years, the “Double 11” day has staged a miracle that many Western worlds cannot understand. The total amount of sales in one day can account for half of the total online retail sales in the whole year. Ali payment channel support concurrently more than any commercial system in the world, Ali double 11 first ten seconds of retail sales far exceed the same magnitude Amazon's primeday... The digital myth of the Chinese-style “Double 11” seems to be unbreakable, and behind this, growth has become another problem for Ali.

Second, the myth data deep hidden traffic growth anxiety

1. The traffic is falling again

Traffic growth is the number one priority for Internet companies. Regardless of the size of the company group, it has a strong place in the growth rate of strong traffic, which is extremely good for the company's development and innovation in the market.

The sales of Double Eleven are from 0.5 billion yuan in 2009 to 213.5 billion yuan in 18 years. The increment of more than 4,000 times makes every retail practitioner very excited. And the growth rate of more than four thousand times has been spread over the past ten years, and the statistical data reflects the continuous decline in growth rate.

There are two main reasons:

1. Cardinality limits growth rate. After 14 years, the rising speed of the mobile terminal gradually slowed down, and the users on the mobile end gradually approached the bottleneck;

2. The constant emergence of competitors has increased the difficulty of competition. “A super multi-strong formation” has been formed: The heavyweight opponents of the same track, represented by Jingdong/Suning, are known for their black horses. The global catcher/Mushroom Street/Gifts and other new social e-commerce performances have made more users to get  more choices. In the case of “one super” Alibaba constantly making up for the double eleven, “multi-strong” also has a lot of benefits.

2.Data myth is unstable

The pursuit of traffic and data is too radical. Every year after the double eleventh, the microblogging hot list “Double 11 Returns” reflects the concerns and anxiety of Ali's traffic growth.

In other words: the mismatch between marketing and actual needs——In 2018, the microblogging hot list “Taobao returns collapsed”, the 2017 double eleventh day “return channel closed, closed again until zero”, 2016 double eleven return rate reached 25%, the return amount of nearly 30%...... In the node of the traffic bottleneck, there is also a short breath in the heroic spirit of Ali in the people's carnival...

3. The worries behind Ali and the merchants behind the carnival

·Flower chant again mention the amount of credit: The validity period starts from the date of obtaining the temporary limit and ends at 23:59:59 on November 11. The temporary quota can be used after the original quota is exhausted, and the funds repaid by the user for the arrears will be used preferentially for the return of the temporary allowance for the flower.

·The refund channel is closed again: Different from the 17-year refund channel, this year's double 11 refund channel will be closed, and it will be refunded on the 12th to prevent the transaction data from being pulled down.

·The businessmen of the head revel, the tail merchants give up their lives to accompany the king: With the head merchants to obtain more exposure channels such as through trains through large advertising fees, the greater the amount of warehouse clearance, and ultimately the difference between the pots and pans. Small and medium-sized businesses can only maintain the sales data after the Double 11 by investing one and two. In comparison, for the sake of good data, merchants have to give up playing this game.

Anyway, the Double 11 game has to continue. Even though the promotion was flying around at the time, we had to go back and reflect, what kind of surprise game did Ali give to the organizers of this game?

Third, based on traffic anxiety, the big change of the double eleven gameplay.

As mentioned above: Ali's data deification comes from the anxiety of traffic and the root of the flow problem.

The two major tools for dealing with traffic anxiety are two aspects: converting zombie traffic and increasing the traffic rate. In response to these two strategies, Ali's performance this year is really eye-catching, and the two solutions are optimized in various ways, which is called a textbook.

1. Transforming zombie traffic - successful experiment with social e-commerce

This year, the Taobao team is no less than a lot of viral marketing. In the context of the game between Ali and Tencent, the Taobao team can fully obtain such an early-stage user experience through its own social channels, and its meaning has far exceeded the data of the Double 11. We will take apart the game steps of the Taobao team:

·Get the original team energy;

·The daily system forces automatic matching of the team's two-two PK, consuming a certain amount of energy, as a ticket, not returning;

·Inviting friends to help, each user can help up to 6 other teams that are not in their own team every day;

·The winning team gets the energy in the energy pool.

The second stage challenges the miracle to complete the mission, which lasts from November 1st to November 9th:

Split into here, is it a game rule that is like a lot of social e-commerce? The "catch-up" product of "cutting a knife" and "single praise" is extremely powerful in the strategy of uninterruptedly pulling the human head. Step by step guide, lower your psychological price again and again, and add your unintended goods. Through the way of the friend matrix, the purchase rate of each group is improved.

In the second round, it further stimulated the user's desire to buy:

By inviting a friend who has purchased a certain product to make a compliment, the task can be completed and the corresponding energy value is obtained; At the same time, the product has strong seasonality, strong cycle and other characteristics, evoking long-term memory.

This way stimulates the memory of a consumer, and is deterministic rather than ambiguous, and at the same time, it can be found that these products have the same characteristics. For example: coat jackets, etc., which are seasonal and have a relatively long life cycle. After one year, they are updated. These demanding products are able to stimulate their users' desire to purchase and generate a good feeling in this environment.

2. Enhance user PV and create a business matrix

User's liquidity rate has always been the focus of online retail companies. And Taobao and Tmall, which have the most Chinese consumers, have reached the bottleneck in traffic growth. Building a whole ecosystem to cover the consumer's consumption scene is the focus of Ali's efforts in recent years. The areas of investment include:

·Search portal: Alibaba wholly-owned acquisition of Yahoo China, UC browser;

·O2O portal: Alibaba acquired the word of mouth network, led the US group network B round, the acquisition is hungry;

·Networking Basics: Alibaba acquired China million net;

·E-commerce service: Alibaba strategic investment Shanghai Baozun company;

·Live video: Alibaba strategic investment Momo, acquisition of Youku;

·Travel services: Alibaba's wholly-owned acquisition of Gaode, strategic investment, dripping a taxi, and opening up a high taxi business.

In the past three years, China E-Commerce has gradually introduced various membership systems by constantly imitating and upgrading Amazon Prime. For example, Jingdong Plus members will launch a joint membership card with iQiyi, a social e-commerce global catcher to launch G members, and NetEase will provide ultra-low discounts for super-members. All major companies hope to achieve high retention rates for users through membership.

In fact, through the differentiated services of members, it has also achieved certain results, but subject to the membership resources, the effectiveness of the membership system has not yet reached its fullest.

From the two major trends of Ali this year - 88VIP and double eleven traffic matrix, 88VIP may become a Chinese retail membership system comparable to Amazon's prime members. 88VIP now includes shopping, travel accommodation, ticketing, film and television entertainment, 020 and many other privileges. At the same time, through the interconnection of platforms, in addition to the business growth of Taobao as the core store, other platforms can also obtain the flow revenue of the entire cooperative.

In the Taobao team, high-energy can still be obtained through the use of Ali's various platforms. Consumers will greatly increase individual user activity during an energy harvesting process. In this way, around the Taobao Center's active stimulation of the entire ecosystem, the interests of the entire business matrix are linked to each other, and each link can enjoy the flow advantage of the related links.

3. Create a difference surprise

From the National Day, Alipay launched the “Chinese Koi” launched by global partners, and brought random surprises to the extreme, which aroused the unanimous madness of netizens. Up to now, the team's energy distribution of “more work and more”, the TOP11 team shopping cart to clear the privilege, Ali will paste the discount label for each offer. Up to now, the team's energy distribution of "more work and more", the TOP11 team shopping cart to clear the privilege, Ali will paste the discount label for each offer.

People are thrifty and frugal, rather than the five-year red envelopes of the previous five years, the five-year-old red envelopes gave users the greatest social motivation and increased participation in the carnival.

Fourth, the “new retail” model tends to mature

After the carnival, in addition to marveling, more is a high respect for Ali's layout. In the two years of the “new retail” concept, many of Ma’s predictions have come true. The Internet is just a tool for efficiency, and new retail convergence that improves consumer efficiency and experience has become a reality.

Suning Tesco announced that this year's “Double 11” theme is “On the Internet Street Suning”, the introduction of online and offline can receive and use the shopping subsidies, the national stores participate.

Tmall is joining the word-of-mouth, box horse, hungry and other apps, and invites Yintai Mall, Real Home, RT-Mart and other offline stores to join Tmall “Double 11”. On the same day as Tmall, announced that this year's "Double Eleven" will bring together the underground resources of Jingdong Home and Jingdong Convenience Store, and cooperate with innovative brands such as Lenovo and TCL to join hands with bank outlets and operator stores. Xiaomi also launched a new eleven new gameplay: offline stores do not fight, coupons can be used offline.

But the problem still exists. In the face of the feathers behind the beautiful data, it is actually a result of the game between Ali and the parties. The new traffic growth point may still need to continue to be searched, but the fierce market competition situation is already unavoidable. The fierce offensive launched by social e-commerce is difficult to shake at Ali's home field, and it needs to wait and see.

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