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Jack Ma: This “five new” will impact many industries

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Jack Ma speak the “five new” and said it will impact many industries. Let’s say in today, otherwise, you will say we destroy you again. I hope you will not treat it as a warning sign of alarmism, but as a chance to change yourself.

The five new:

1. New retail. The future is not e-commerce that this new retail that only said, that is, online, offline and logistics together, the only way to the birth of a real new retail.

2. New manufacturing. The past manufacturing scale, standardization, but the manufacturing of the next 30 years is smart, personalized, customized.

3. New Financial. The new finance in the future must support the new August 2 theory, that is, to support 80% of SMEs and individualize their businesses.

4. New technology. The original machine is eating electricity, after eating will be the data.

5. New resources. Data is the first time humans have created energy, and the more data they use, the more money they spend.

Jack Ma said: Truly genuine impact on traditional commerce, employment impact, impact traditional thinking, the impact on traditional industries, not e-commerce, but our yesterday's thought is ignorance of the future and not accepted.

Today the world's population of the Internet has exceeded 2 billion people. Like a dozen or so years ago, there was time to chat with friends, I said there will be a new world in the future. This world is a world that is called a virtual world, and all of this world is formed on the Internet. Today, we have really created a new world, a new economy, a strong economic foundation and a huge space for everyone.

The third technological revolution will depend on people's brains. In the first two decades, the basic technology competition of pure technology companies will be followed. In the next 30 years, technology will be applied to all walks of life.

The real impact of traditional business is our yesterday's thinking.

A few days ago someone asked me, where is the Alibaba border? Alibaba is everywhere, in fact, the Internet is no border, just as electricity is no border, the Internet is a technology, is a kind of thinking.

Some people say that Internet e-commerce is a virtual economy, I think it is not, it is the future economy. Many people talk about the Internet in the impact of all walks of life, e-commerce hit and destroyed the impact of the traditional business. But I think that e-commerce has not hit the traditional business, nor did it crack down on traditional business. Just grasp the Internet technology and Internet thinking. The future economy will be completely internet-based, on top of which a business model adapted to the future will be created.

The real impact of traditional business, employment, thinking and industry is our yesterday's thinking, is ignorance and unacceptability to the future, so what we want to worry about is the fear of tomorrow and the dependence on yesterday. The changes in the world far outweigh the imagination of all of us. The future is the 30 years in which the world is turning a corner.

I want to remind everyone that our country, from the government to the enterprises, to all walks of life, did not realize that this revolution in technology. Many of the things we take for granted are the ones that we used to think. It is a lot of things that we consider to be the best jobs. They are subverted and changed. Humans lose a lot of jobs and many new jobs are born.

In fact, the first technological revolution brought about the First World War and the second technological revolution created the Second World War. This technological revolution is the liberation of human thought.

States should develop policies for young people.

Two days ago in Thailand, I attended an international conference and called for all countries to formulate their own policies for the next 30 years. The competition in the future world is an innovation competition among young people. Therefore, the world with a population of 2 billion people will grow larger and larger in the future. We need to inject innovative genes into this world. Only in this way can we have a future. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that the next 30 years are a chance for everyone. All governments must make policy for young people in their own country in the next 30 years. Therefore, I call on all countries to formulate policies for young people under the age of 30 and to draw up unique policies for small businesses under 30.

In the past few decades, the policies of various governments have been formulated for large enterprises. If we can really formulate policies for small businesses, I believe the world will be better and the opportunities for small businesses will increase.

In the past, entrepreneurship may require money, resources, and various relationships, but the future will be technology, data and innovation. In the past, large enterprises, in order to obtain more profits and resources, must shoulder their social responsibilities and provide resources to countless people in the future.

In recent years we talk about the most is the ecological resources, the use of ecological resources to do more and more. But I think the big business in the future must make an ecological environment to help people in their own ecology better live. Only in this way, big business can live better. So it is not technology that has hit you, but traditional thinking and conservative thinking have hit you. E-commerce is not the impact of traditional commerce, but the future does not grasp the impact of your business. We all know that Alibaba e-commerce businesses, but the quality of e-commerce may soon be eliminated. Starting next year, Alibaba will no longer mention e-commerce, because e-commerce is just a ferry boat.

The future of new business models will change the shape of business

Five major new ventures will profoundly affect China and the world in the future. The future of new business models will change the shape of business:

1. New retail

I personally think that many traditional retail industries are now hit by the Internet e-commerce business. They don’t know the technology of the future, they misunderstand how to adapt to new technologies, how to cooperate with logistics enterprises, how to make use of big data. Must create new retail, the original real estate-based retail industry will certainly be hit; the new retail on pure electricity providers will also impact. Our company, Ballstar, is also slowly transforming. Although we as wholesalers, but our products such as juggling ball, acrylic stage ball,hacky sack and ect are support retail.

2 New manufacturing

Made in the past to pay attention to scale, standardization, manufacturing the next 30 years is smart, personalized and customized. If you do not start from this, any manufacturing industry will certainly be destroyed, the future of technological revolution is artificial intelligence machine. The machine is not the future use of electricity, but the data, the original B2C manufacturing model will be completely C2B mode, that is, customized transformation, customized on-demand.

3. New financial

In the past 200 years, financial insists but twenty-eight theory, that is, as long as 20% of enterprises to support, you can drive 80% of the development. However, the new financial future must support the new August 2 Theory, that is, to support 80% of SMEs and individualized enterprises. SMEs, innovation and design thinking before entrepreneurs can not complete, what the new finance hopes to solve is that it is more transparent and fair, more support for 80% of those who did not support yesterday. The birth of new finance is bound to have a certain impact on yesterday's financial institutions, but this opportunity is everyone's. I hope we can see the birth of real Internet finance and create a truly credit-based financial system. Let the world produce a true inclusive finance, so that everyone needs money, can get money, this is the responsibility of ant gold service.

4. New technology

The technology of the past appeared after the mobile internet, the original PC-based chip will become a mobile-based chip, the original mechanical manufacturing will become artificial intelligence, the original machine to eat electricity, the future will eat the data.

5. New resources

Past development is based on oil and coal, the future development is based on new energy, that is the data. Data is the first time humans have created energy, and the more data they use, the more money they spend.

The future changes are far beyond our imagination. The former was a knowledge-driven revolution in science and technology. The future trend is intelligence-driven and data-driven. In the past 100 years, the development of technology, human eyes are outward looking, but the future is inward looking, only looking inward can you understand what I do not want.

Only when the entrepreneur knows what is unwanted can he understand what must be adhered to.

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